NHT SuperCenter 2.1 center channel speaker

By WiredForLess

was $249.99

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Finally the last piece to make a complete Super surround system is here. The latest revision of the SuperCenter is virtually identical to the original.

Its a 2-way, acoustic suspension design using two 4.5" drivers (same as the SuperZero and SuperPower) and a 1" silk dome tweeter. Its tuned to match both the SuperZero2.1 and SuperOne 2.1. Add a Super8 powered subwoofer or two, and you have a system that will fill small to medium size rooms with amazing sonics and attitude. A totally matched, immersive theater experience.

What's more the SuperCenter will fit in small spaces with a foot print of only 5.5"H and 16"W. There is an optional foot that allows you to tilt the center speaker down if placement on a high shelf is necessary.
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