NHT iW4-ARC 3-Way In-Wall Home Theater Speaker with Aluminum Driver, 150 Watt...

By WiredForLess

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One look at the iW4-ARC and you know something serious is going on. The iW4-ARC is our powerhouse architectural product. In a good installation, if you closed your eyes, you might think you were listening to a pair of Classic 3’s on stands. Outrageous dynamics, terrific bass, high output and yet it loses none of the detail. The iW4-ARC is the perfect in-wall home theater system speaker.

The iW4-ARC uses two 5.25” anodized aluminum cone woofers, a 2” anodized aluminum dome midrange, and a .75” anodized aluminum dome tweeter. This Tweeter-Midrange module is used in all 3-way Classic series designs. The advantage of a dual-woofer 3-way design is low distortion and wide dispersion, and changes the sweet “spot” to a sweet “room” for an unrivaled listening experience from an in-wall speaker. The iiW4-ARC body features a new material that eliminates spurious resonances from interfering with proper sound reproduction. The new, low profile "disappearing" grill attaches to the speaker with magnets.

The IW4-ARC is easily installed and can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the wall. Sold individually.
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