Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature Earphones with Mic

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Balanced Armature Drivers, delivering all the textures and nuances of “as if you were there” sound. Step up to higher levels of listening pleasure and in-ear comfort with the Phiaton’s new MS 100 BA Balanced Armature Earphones. Known for superior, high performance audio products, Phiaton’s classic attention to detail, modern flair and ergonomic sensitivities are evident in every design aspect of these top quality sound-isolating earphones.

Superior Sound ClarityPhiaton’s balanced armature technology captures crisp, accurate and symmetrical sound that remains true to the intended mix of every musical track. Such precise, authentic detail and unmatched clarity delivered to your ear, places you in the center of the music with a sharp audio image of where each instrument is positioned on the soundstage. Whether orchestral or vocal, the fine tonal balance means hours of relaxed enjoyment, with sustained audio richness through the full range of frequencies. Compared to dynamic drivers, balanced armature drivers enable better treble performance, faster response and more nuanced sound details in a smaller, lighter design. Take these intelligent earphones everywhere and use with any device—the perfect travel or at home companion for serious music lovers.

Sound Isolating Technology Double shelled housing keeps sounds where they belong. This Phiaton design feature works to prevent sound leakage and reverberation to deliver deeper richness in the sounds you want to hear with less intrusion of the sounds you don’t want to hear, including ambient background noise.
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