Beyerdynamic Amiron Audiophile Headphones - Open Box Pair

Beyerdynamic Amiron Audiophile Headphones - Open Box Pair

By Beyerdynamic

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Am iron home is our invitation to pure musical enjoyment: just sit back in your favorite chair and let the sound carry you away. The Am iron home embodies Beyer dynamic's boundless passion for music, and epitomize the workmanship of being handmade in Germany. It is a combination you will continue to appreciate for many enjoyable years to come. Tesla technology is a cutting-edge innovation from Beyer dynamic, which has taken the music world by storm. The Tesla system has now been further refined for use in Am iron home. Modifications to the transducer have diminished unwanted vibrations to an absolute minimum and completely eliminated annoying treble resonances. More precise than ever, the sound tuning will amaze even the most discerning music enthusiasts. Am iron home brings you concert-quality sound, combining a very precise bass with transparent midst and pleasantly clear highs. This makes it a great choice for fans of a wide range of music genres. The precise and clear musical portrait these headphones paint of each and every instrument is sure to delight music lovers. As its name suggests, the Am iron home finds its natural habitat in the congenial setting of your own home where amid peaceful surroundings you can engross yourself in the music. The open design of these headphones produces a spacious, natural sound, and you feel an incredible closeness and transparency in the music. The balanced contact pressure exerted by the headband ensures the Am iron home remains securely and very comfortably positioned around your ears. This optimum fit contributes to creating an auditory space that lets the music unfold to its full potential. The use of highest-quality Alcan Tara microfibers and Microvelour mean the headband and ear pads are velvety soft, thus enhancing the sense of well-being produced by your favorite music. The comfort of your headphones lets you focus your full attention on the music itself - for hours on end.

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