Audioengine D2 HD Audio 24-bit Wireless DAC

By Audioengine

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Audioengine D2 Premium 24-bit Wireless DAC allows you to stream wireless HD audio from your computer to any music system, independent of your Wi-Fi network. D2 includes USB and optical inputs, a high-performance DAC, plus the isolation benefits of wireless. Setup is fast and simple, with no software to install and without the frustration of trying to connect to your network.


Wireless bit-perfect 24/96 digital-to-analog converter
USB-to-S/PDIF converter
Mac or PC plug-and-play, no drivers or network setup
Precision receiver re-clocking for low jitter 
USB and optical inputs
Optical and analog outputs
Based on Burr-Brown PCM1792 DAC
Works With
Any computer (Mac or PC) 
USB-to-SPDIF convertor (use with your favorite DAC) 
Any TV or product with optical outputs
What's in the box (D2 Sender)
(1) D2 Sender
(1) Power supply
(1) Detachable power cord, 1.5m (~5ft) 
(1) USB cable, 2ft (0.6m) 
(1) Microfiber product bag
What's in the box 
(D2 Receiver)
(1) D2 Receiver
(1) Power supply
(1) Detachable power cord, 1.5m (~5ft) 
(1) RCA audio cable, 2m (~6.5ft) 
(1) Microfiber product bag
(1) Setup Guide
(1) Product line brochure
D2 Technical Specifications
DAC type  Dual Mode USB and Optical (SPDIF) wireless DAC
Inputs  USB/Optical (SPDIF)
Outputs  RCA Stereo/Optical (SPDIF)
D/A converter  PCM1792A
Optical receiver  AK4117
USB controller  TI1020B
Full-scale output  2.0V RMS (RCA)
Output impedance  100 ohms
Power source
Sender: USB 5V or included external supply
Receiver: Included external supply
Power requirements
Sender: 270mA
Receiver: 300mA
USB power filtering  3-stage redundant regulation
SNR  >115db
THD+N  <0.0015%
Crosstalk  <-85db
Frequency response  10Hz - 30KHz +/- 0.5db
Input bit depth  up to 24 bit
Input data rate  up to 192KS/s (optical), 96KS/s (USB)
Wireless range  >100ft
Wireless receivers supported  Up to 3 (24/96 to each receiver)
Product dimensions  4.75x5.5x1"


AudioStream - D2 Review  "The wireless aspect of the D2 really isn't an issue and that's really good news."
Enjoy the Music - D2 Review  "The plug-and-play Audioengine D2 is fun to use, is super reliable, is affordable, and sounds great."
Computer Audiophile - D2 Review  "The Audioengine D2 is the wireless interface I prefer over all others for its sound quality, convenience, and software independence."
Positive Feedback - D2 Review  "Audioengine has delivered yet another excellent audio product at a very competitive price."
Ken Rockwell - D2 Performance Testing  "At any price, the Audioengine D2 is a great DAC. The D2 tests almost as well as if it's a piece of laboratory equipment."
Soundstage - D2 Review  "The fact that it’s so affordably priced makes this game-changing DAC all that much easier to buy."
Audiophilia - D2 Review  "Many inexpensive digital devices sound effective out of the box, but fatigue after a marriage. Not the D2s. Buy with utmost confidence."
AudioHead - D2 Review  "For the individual who likes simplicity, this product has an edge over server-based streaming options."


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