Woodees IESW100L Earphones with Mic & Remote

Woodees IESW100L Earphones with Mic & Remote

By Woodees

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Wood has always been the material of choice for musical instruments and loudspeakers.  While there are technical reasons for this, the bottom line is that wood just sounds better.  It sounds warmer and more natural.  Woodees was one of the very first earphone manufacturers to figure this out and utilize wood for the body of their earphones.  The IESW100L "Blues" adds the convenience of an inline mic and remote control in a beautiful jet black gloss finish.


Our new Woodees Blues are designed to honor the most famous guitar associated with the Blues music itself. These top-of-the-line earbuds are for the audio enthusiast with a classic sense of style. The black lacquer finish, black and white guitar style cloth covered cord and 24k gold accents combine for remarkable eye and ear-catching pleasure. 

•Natural wood housing for deep bass sound
•Solid construction with small, lightweight form factor
•Soft cable for easy management
•Fashion-conscious, ergonomic design
•Noise-isolating inner ear fit
•Four pairs extra silicone buds for customized fittings (XS/S/M/L)
•Compatible with iPod and all music devices with 3.5mm earphone jack

Driver unit: 10mm
Impedance: 16ohm
Sensitivity: 105dB @ 1KHz @ 1mW
Frequency response:
Plug: 3.5mm stereo plug
Cord length: 120cm (4ft)

What's included in the box:
Woodees earbuds
4pr silicone buds
Pouch for protection
Shirt clip


Read what critics and customers are saying about Woodees:
“I’ve worn a lot of headphones, but I am hard-pressed to recall a pair that output as lively, natural-sounding bass as the Woodees...” Smart Computing Magazine

“After experiencing the Woodees’ stellar, seemingly bottomless bass and overall tone, we can’t argue.” CPU Magazine

“One of the most unique low-cost earbuds we’ve used...” PC Today Magazine

“Audio quality-wise, the Woodees don’t disappoint.”

“...the Woodees output (is) arguably the most natural bass we’ve heard among similarly-priced earbuds.”

“...never sounded this good on my other earphones.”

“ ...immediately realize(d) the sound quality of the earphones I've been using can't compare.”

“The open-sounding audio from the headphones is far better sounding than that from its competitors.”

“...is an excellent value....provides a premium upgrade from the stock Apple earphones/headset while not being too expensive.”

"...provides better and richer sound. Wood definitely makes a difference.”



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