NHT TwoC Center Channel Speaker

NHT TwoC Center Channel Speaker


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3-way designs are important to home theater center speakers because their dispersion is very wide in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This means consistent tonality and good detail virtually anywhere the viewer is seated.  In addition to traditional center channel use, the 2C can be used as a left or right speaker when a low profile, low distortion solution is needed. The TwoC will always outperform bookshelf speakers turned sideways.


Product Overview

The TwoC is a 3-way, dual 5.25” woofer design with a proprietary .75” aluminum dome tweeter and 2” aluminum dome mid-range. The tweeter/midrange are built into a single compact module which is also used in the NHT Classic Three and Four.  The clustered drivers acoustically act as one providing very smooth response. Another benefit of the tweeter/midrange module is its low height allowing us to offer maximum performance in a very low profile cabinet.

The use of four drivers in the TwoC has another positive attribute: it reduces distortion caused by power compression because the load is spread over multiple drivers.

The cabinet is internally braced to avoid cabinet resonances, and the TwoC is finished in NHT's luxurious  piano black high-gloss finish.  The Two C's are sold individually.

Specs & Details

•System type - Center Channel Speaker

•Configuration - 2-way acoustic suspension design

•Woofer – 2 x 5.25” polypropylene cone

•Tweeter - .75” aluminum dome

•Frequency Response - 78Hz- 20kHz

•Crossover Frequency – 800Hz, 3.2kHz

•Crossover Slopes – 12dB LP, 12dB HP, 18dB LP, 18dB HP

•Sensitivity - 85dB (2.83v@1m)

•Impedance - 8 ohms

•Inputs – 2 professional grade nickel plated 5-way binding posts

•Dimensions - 6.5"H x 19.875"W x 7.375"D

•Weight - 20 lbs each

•Finish - High Gloss Black

•Sold Individually

Original Price MSRP $580


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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