NHT SuperPower 2.1 Powered Speaker


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The NHT SuperPower is a compact, amplified speaker that is a great choice for directly connecting to a computer, iPhone, iPad or any other device that has a headphone / earphone output.  Don't let it's compact size fool you...it has amazing output of 111db along with amazing clarity and detail.  Packaged, sold and shipped individually.



The SuperPower’s DNA originates from two of NHT’s most beloved speakers – the SuperZero 2.0 and the NHT Professional M-00 active mini-monitor.  Like its predecessors SuperPower uses the time-tested NHT 2-way mini-speaker “formula” a 4.5” woofer and 1” silk dome tweeter – both are mounted in a sealed box – called “acoustic suspension”.  Acoustic suspension systems use the air trapped inside (natures most perfect spring) to dynamically control and damp the woofers movement.  It is the reason SuperPower can produce deep, tight, clean bass and exceptional midrange articulation, which all NHT’s speakers are noted for. 
The other reason for SuperPower’s extreme performance is a cutting-edge 90-watt amplifier.An elegant design, the SuperPower’s amplifier is one of the most powerful amplifiers ever installed into a mini speaker, it is also energy efficient, converting over 90% of the incoming electricity to pure, low-distortion output power. In standby mode – a completely automatic feature – SuperPower’s amplifier uses less electricity than a D-cell battery and meets Energy Star efficiency standards. A soft glow from the front panel 3-color LED behind the grill keeps you posted of the amplifier’s state of mind – standby, play or fault. NHT engineers squeezed even more sonic goodness from SuperPower by the addition of an exclusive sound shaping filter to squeeze the last bit of bass extension and power handling from the speaker. 
SuperPower has one control – a power switch located on the rear panel – that’s it! This technology comes together and is assembled in NHT California’s by NHT’s production team.
Type: 2-way powered loudspeaker
Design Type: Acoustic Suspension - 3.4L internal volume
Amplifier Power (each speaker):  90 W continuous
Driver Complement:  1" silk dome tweeter and a 4.5" papercone woofer
Magnetically shielded 
Cabinet:  Black High Gloss vinyl laminated to 1/2" mdf.
Freq. Response:  72Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB
Input Impedance: 12.5 kOhms
Crossover:  2.1kHz, 12dB/octave LP and HP
Input Impedance:  12.5 kohms
Output (1 Meter): 111dB SPL
Speaker Dimensions: 9"H x 5.5"W x 6.75"D (7.2" depth counting input connector)
Allow 1.5" behind for input jacks and power cables.
Product Weight:  7.2lbs./3.3 kg each


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