Audioengine 2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers

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The new standard for multimedia sound and closes the gap between computer speakers and home audio. The Audioengine 2+ is the perfect upgrade for your computer, iPod, and all your music.


The award-winning Audioengine 2 speakers just got better. With a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the Audioengine 2+ allows you to send high-quality digital audio direct from your computer’s USB port. We've also added an output to connect a subwoofer and you can even go wireless with the optional Audioengine W3 adapter. The Audioengine 2+ is a great introduction to high-quality audio and the perfect upgrade for your computer or iDevice.




2 audio inputs (RCA and mini-jack) 
Built-in power amps (left speaker) 
Kevlar woofers for super low end
Silk tweeters for smooth highs
High-quality speaker connectors
Auto-sleep power-saving modeHand-built cabinets
Cables included
Works with
iPod and all other music players
Internet radio and network music systems
Apple Universal Dock and other docks/remotes
Desktop computers, laptops, notebooks
Flat panel TVs with an analog output
Mobile phones and PDAs with music players
CD and DVD players
Videogame consoles
Digital radio and satellite receivers
All products with 1/8" mini-jack or RCA outputs! 
What's in the box
(1) A2 powered (left) speaker
(1) A2 passive (right) speaker
(1) Power supply
(1) Speaker cable (16AWG), 2 meters (~6.5 feet) 
(1) 1/8" mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 feet) 
(1) 1/8" mini-jack audio cable, 20cm (~8 inches) 
(1) Drawstring power supply bag(1) Drawstring cable bag(2) Drawstring speaker bags
(1) Setup Guide(1) Product line brochure
Materials and Construction
18mm thick MDF cabinets
20mm silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets
2.75" Kevlar woofers with advanced voice coils
Torroidal power transformer
18mm thick MDF cabinets
20mm silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets
2.75" Kevlar woofers with advanced voice coils
Torroidal power transformer
A2 Technical Specifications
Type    2.0 powered (active) multimedia desktop speaker system
Power Output    60W peak power total (15W RMS / 30W peak per channel), AES
Inputs    Dual 1/8" stereo mini-jack and RCA jacks
Voltages    100-240V, 50/60Hz auto-switching
Amplifier     TypeDual Class AB monolithic
Signal-to-noise    >95dB (typical A-weighted)
THD    <0.05% at all power settings
Crosstalk    <50db
Frequency response    65Hz-22kHz +/-2.0dB
Input impedance    10K ohms unbalanced
Protection    Output current limiting, thermal over-temperature, power on/off transient protection
Dimensions (each)    6”(H) x 4”(W) x 5.25”(D)
Weight (LEFT speaker)    1.6Kg/3.55lbs
Weight (RIGHT speaker)    1.4Kg/3.15lbs
Shipping weight    4.6kg/10lbs per pair


Stereophile - A2 Review "I have never been more impressed with or more stunned by a component I've reviewed for Stereophile than I was with the Audioengine 2. The level of sound quality produced by this uncolored, detailed, articulate, and dynamic speaker, in all situations, was beyond reproach, and its ratio of value to cost borders on the criminal."
CNET Blogs, The Audiophiliac from Steve Guttenberg - A2 Review "Even audiophiles used to the good stuff will dig these speakers, they're that good."
Stuff.tv - A2 Review "For speakers in this class, the A2s sound exceptional. Warm, punchy, articulate and well integrated... In short, the A2s are a revelation at the price."
PC World - A2 Review"Clearly geared toward accurate music reproduction, the speakers offered remarkable imaging and excellent transparency in my tests, which I performed after 30 hours of burn-in... The Audioengine A2 speaker set should be on the short list of anyone who values good musical reproduction over chest-thumping bass."


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